Web Linguistic Resources

A structured database of linguistic resources in the web

Sustained by academic grants from the University of Naples ‘L’Orientale’

Developed by:

Valeria Caruso & Anna De Meo for lexicography and linguistic components
Norman Vincenzo Vitale for IT components and data management
This project offers orienteering tools to users who surf the Internet searching for linguistic resources. At present we offer a critical inventory of specialized free dictionaries, evaluated on the basis of a rating system, and searchable according to different parameters. Users can choose sectors or specific features and the database will provide results ordered in accordance with the score system: from the best to the worst rated dictionaries that satisfy the parameters required. The score doesn’t provide any qualitative evaluation of dictionary entries and information contained therein, it only testifies the presence of some relevant features that should characterise a specialised dictionary. By this way the system gives synthetic judgments of the overall completeness of the inventoried resources, and can function as an orienteering tool through the World Wide Web.